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April 2021 – Rigging Projects Large & Small

Rope Assemblies are here for you to help with your rigging projects large or small, we are still working on 50% staff in at any one time to keep staff safe and to keep the doors open for our customers, this has worked well for us through out this challenging period with orders completed and dispatched on time, up to press we have managed to keep all our skilled and trained staff with only one voluntary leaver, we are so very grateful that work is finally starting to pick up for us and the industry as a whole, am seeing more job vacancies on LinkedIn these days and less redundancy posts which warms my heart.
We are available to process any requests so please contact us for more information. 700714


March 2021 – Message From Linda Martin Managing Director At Rope Assemblies

I am feeling so positive this week for the first time in a while, the days are getting longer, the spring flowers are looking lovely and the sun is shining, but most of all the light that is starting to appear at the end of this very long tunnel we are going through is becoming visible and getting brighter, is this the start of a better, stronger future for our industry?? I have to believe it is! stay strong, we are nearly there!!
We are available to process any requests so please contact us for more information. 700714


February 2021 – Slings & Webbings In The Spotlight

Flat Slings, Ratchet Straps, Round Slings, Soft Steel Slings and Truss Straps to suit your application. Round slings are made with polyester strands encased in a Polyester sleeve.

Available in all black or the traditional weight loading colours. Flat Slings are made up of layers of woven polyester with a loop at each end and available in the standard weight loading colours. Truss Straps are Supplied in lengths of 320mm, 500mm, 700mm & 1m.

We are available to process any requests so please contact us for more information. – – 01777700714


January 2021 – Operational Update for Coronavirus COVID 19 & Rope Assemblies Ltd

We are open for business across all aspects of our products and services for our customers. All employees, contractors and suppliers are operating within hands, face and space guidelines allowing us to process enquiries and fulfil orders. We are available to process any requests so please contact us for more information.

Rope Assemblies Ltd have been supplying bespoke wire and fibre rope assemblies plus a wide range of lifting equipment to our customer base worldwide since 1986.


December 2020 – Christmas Opening Times

Rope Assemblies Ltd will be closing early this year, we will be locking our gates Friday 18th December and not opening again until Monday 4th January 2021. We will be able to Despatch your orders up to, and including the 18th Dec but our courier will be with us at 2pm on the last day, to ensure you get what you need please don’t delay as to continue to keep our staff safe we are still working on a Rota of 50% in 50% stay at home every week.

Let’s hope when we come back in the New Year we will be starting with a little more normality and all make 2021 a fabulous year with loads of great projects –


November 2020 – Ropes Manufactured To EN795 Regulations

Rope Assemblies Ltd submitted EN795 strops for testing and have been found to satisfy the requirements of the PPE regulations 2016/425 Module C2. This will allow us to continue supplying the Strops to EN795:2012 Type B for another 12 months, nice to receive a bit of good news to keep us positive :).


October 2020 – #WeMakeEvents, now at Red Alert!

Many of the leading live events trade bodies and businesses across the UK have joined together to bring attention to the dire straits the live events industry, and its entire supply chain is facing; the sector includes manufacturers, audio, lighting and video specialists, logistics, transportation, rigging and many more. The UK is regarded as a global leader in delivering large, complex events and without financial support from the government, the UK’s art and culture sector is at risk of closing for good and potentially losing over £100Bn contribution to UK GDP, European and US production companies, some of whom are receiving government support.

Rope Assemblies offers its support to the Red Alert #wemakeevents campaign.


September 2020 – Rope Assemblies Open For Business

Rope Assemblies Ltd are very happy to say that we will be opening our doors on a more permanent basis Tuesday 1st September, we have been opening every couple of weeks to maintain our customers needs but feel the time is now right to get some sort of normality back in all our lives.

We will be on a staff rota basis to start with, splitting the team in half and taking it in turns to man the offices and factory Monday to Friday every week to make sure we are open for any of your needs large or small. By splitting the team it allows us to keep social distancing and protect our staff the best we can, looking forward to leaving my dining room office and actually speaking to people face to face :) you can contact us via phone 01777 700714 or email at or add to cart on our website at


August 2020 – Rope Assemblies Summer Update

Hi all, hope you are doing OK and managing to stay afloat during these very difficult and extremely challenging times!!

Just a heads up, Rope Assemblies Ltd will be opening briefly again on the 3rd August until jobs are caught up with and customers needs are satisfied, our sales team are, and have been working from home during this pandemic so if you need anything sending to you whilst we are open please contact or take a look at our website to see how we can help your project we also have an enquiry cart for you to request a quotation, best of luck to you all!


July 2020 – Rope Assemblies Manufacturing

Hi everyone, its that time again when Rope Assemblies Ltd will be opening the factory gates briefly on Thursday 2nd July, once we have caught up we will then close again until we accumulate some more customer orders, by doing this every couple of weeks it protects our staff and it enables our customers to keep their business needs fulfilled and also keeps a certain amount of circulation going.
If you need anything while we are open please contact or visit our website to view our products or alternatively put in a quotation request through our enquiry form on our web page. Let’s try and keep ticking along in the best way we can!


June 2020 – Message From Linda Martin Managing Director At Rope Assemblies

Hi all, hope you are all keeping well, I guess like me you we’re all glued to recent updates! A very small glimmer of hope that we are starting to slowly make positive steps forward albeit baby steps, it will be a bit longer I feel before the entertainment world can get back on its feet but get there we will! Am sure we will all look back on this time with bewilderment but we will come back stronger than before!
Our sales team is still working and processing quotes and orders as they come in and we are getting manufacturing teams in safely every couple of weeks to clear orders to keep our customers going, stay safe and hopefully hear from you soon – Linda Martin, Managing Director. Order online at, email us at or call us on 01777 700714.


May 2020 – Rope Assemblies Ready To Take Your Order

First and foremost, we at Rope Assemblies hope you & your families & friends are all safe and well. While we have been on shut down our sales team have been working from home and processing orders and quotes as they came in and will continue to do so for as long as needed. Let’s try and get this industry back up and running as quickly and efficiently as we can but at the same time keeping safe and following any guidelines set out by the government. Order online at, email us at or call us on 01777 700714.