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October 2020 – #WeMakeEvents, now at Red Alert!

Many of the leading live events trade bodies and businesses across the UK have joined together to bring attention to the dire straits the live events industry, and its entire supply chain is facing; the sector includes manufacturers, audio, lighting and video specialists, logistics, transportation, rigging and many more. The UK is regarded as a global leader in delivering large, complex events and without financial support from the government, the UK’s art and culture sector is at risk of closing for good and potentially losing over £100Bn contribution to UK GDP, European and US production companies, some of whom are receiving government support.

Rope Assemblies offers its support to the Red Alert #wemakeevents campaign.


September 2020 – Rope Assemblies Open For Business

Rope Assemblies Ltd are very happy to say that we will be opening our doors on a more permanent basis Tuesday 1st September, we have been opening every couple of weeks to maintain our customers needs but feel the time is now right to get some sort of normality back in all our lives.

We will be on a staff rota basis to start with, splitting the team in half and taking it in turns to man the offices and factory Monday to Friday every week to make sure we are open for any of your needs large or small. By splitting the team it allows us to keep social distancing and protect our staff the best we can, looking forward to leaving my dining room office and actually speaking to people face to face :) you can contact us via phone 01777 700714 or email at or add to cart on our website at


August 2020 – Rope Assemblies Summer Update

Hi all, hope you are doing OK and managing to stay afloat during these very difficult and extremely challenging times!!

Just a heads up, Rope Assemblies Ltd will be opening briefly again on the 3rd August until jobs are caught up with and customers needs are satisfied, our sales team are, and have been working from home during this pandemic so if you need anything sending to you whilst we are open please contact or take a look at our website to see how we can help your project we also have an enquiry cart for you to request a quotation, best of luck to you all!


July 2020 – Rope Assemblies Manufacturing

Hi everyone, its that time again when Rope Assemblies Ltd will be opening the factory gates briefly on Thursday 2nd July, once we have caught up we will then close again until we accumulate some more customer orders, by doing this every couple of weeks it protects our staff and it enables our customers to keep their business needs fulfilled and also keeps a certain amount of circulation going.
If you need anything while we are open please contact or visit our website to view our products or alternatively put in a quotation request through our enquiry form on our web page. Let’s try and keep ticking along in the best way we can!


June 2020 – Message From Linda Martin Managing Director At Rope Assemblies

Hi all, hope you are all keeping well, I guess like me you we’re all glued to recent updates! A very small glimmer of hope that we are starting to slowly make positive steps forward albeit baby steps, it will be a bit longer I feel before the entertainment world can get back on its feet but get there we will! Am sure we will all look back on this time with bewilderment but we will come back stronger than before!
Our sales team is still working and processing quotes and orders as they come in and we are getting manufacturing teams in safely every couple of weeks to clear orders to keep our customers going, stay safe and hopefully hear from you soon – Linda Martin, Managing Director. Order online at, email us at or call us on 01777 700714.


May 2020 – Rope Assemblies Ready To Take Your Order

First and foremost, we at Rope Assemblies hope you & your families & friends are all safe and well. While we have been on shut down our sales team have been working from home and processing orders and quotes as they came in and will continue to do so for as long as needed. Let’s try and get this industry back up and running as quickly and efficiently as we can but at the same time keeping safe and following any guidelines set out by the government. Order online at, email us at or call us on 01777 700714.


APRIL 2020 – First and foremost we hope you are all safe and well!!

Rope Assemblies Ltd are planning to return to work on Monday 20th April to fulfill some urgent orders placed while we have been in lock down for the last 4 weeks, while at work our staff will be following the guidance set out and will be kept safe.  When we have caught up a decision will then be made as to whether we continue to stay open or close again, we ordered plenty of stock before we Furloughed our staff so have sufficient supply’s to allow us to  fulfill your orders, Our concern is that when the world reboots it will be as fast as it shut down with little notice and we are going to have all our customers trying to order at the same time, to avoid the rush don’t leave your orders until the last minute, We know this can’t always be helped and we will try to prioritise jobs as best we can.

Let’s try and get this industry back up and running as quickly and efficiently as we can but at the same time keeping safe and following any guidelines set out by the government.


April 2020 – LOLER Inspections

Good to hear that most of us are using this quiet time to make sure all our LOLER inspections are done so we can hit the ground running when this is all behind us, include your PPE kit and check the dates are still within the guidelines. Rope Assemblies are still open for business if you need anything replacing, we are re-sellers for KONG, Petzl and Checkmate so can get most things quickly, likewise if you need any of your rigging, lifting gear replacing give us a call on 01777 700714 or email or visit


March 2020 – Climbing Ladders From Rope Assemblies

Our Climbing Ladders are manufactured on-site at Rope Assemblies Ltd and comply with the US Standard ANSI E1-1 as there is no EN Standard for wire rope ladders. All ladders are manufactured with knurled rungs, karabiner end fittings and EN795 anchor straps. They are made to order by length and rungs can be 250mm or 300mm wide. All ladders are tested, certified and come with full user instructions.


February 2020 – Positive Attitude, Happy Staff & A Busy Factory

We have had a great start to the year so far and can see that we will be very busy right into the remainder of the year. We would really like to thank our staff and customers for all of their support and efforts so far in 2020.

We really can say that you cannot beat a positive attitude, happy staff and a busy factory. #ropeassemblies #rigging #theatre

Positive Attitude, Happy Staff & A Busy Factory

January 2020 – New Year Offer for Galvanised or Black Steels with 10% Off

Happy New Year to everyone we are looking forward to 2020 and have a great offer for Galvanised or Black Steels with 10% off. Quote RALNY20 on your order or by email before 14th February 2020 and we will provide a 10% discount.

All ropes are supplied with individual ID numbers and full Test Certification. When ordering ropes things to consider to meet the requirements of the application are Safe Working Load, diameter, and fittings and length.


December 2019 – BSI ISO 9001 Audit Passed With Flying Colours

Rope Assemblies recently had an ISO 9001 audit and have been recertified for another 3 years. We are really proud of the fact that the auditor stated that since we achieved the ISO 9001 standard over ten years ago we have had no “Non-Conformities” which is very special.

ISO 9001:2015 sets out the criteria for our quality management system. The standards provide guidance and tools for Rope Assemblies to ensure that our products and services consistently meet our customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved as part of an ongoing continuous process.