EN 795 Strops & Wire

Manufactured to EN795:2012 Type B The assemblies are fixed length attachment strops, in various lengths from 350mm up to 25.0mtrs, available in 6mm Stainless steel and 7mm Galv/Black rope diameters, with or without PVC tubing, for use on / around structures / component of structures as a point of anchorage to be used in conjunction with access / egress and rescue systems including:

  • A fall arrest system
  • A belay system
  • A suspension system/ positioning system
  • A restraint system

Major users are likely to be from a very wide spectrum of industries, wherever persons work at height, work near unprotected edges, and/or work in confined spaces both onshore & off shore. The design and the materials used have been found to meet the relevant requirements of the PPE Directive.

PPE - EN 795 Strop & Wire

EN 795 Strops & Wire

Min Break Load (KN)Rope Diameter (mm)End OneEnd TwoColourProduct CodeLengthQuantity
186Thimble SpliceThimble SpliceStainless Steel#STR06T-719S
186Soft EyeSoft EyeStainless Steel#STR06S-719S
307Thimble SpliceThimble SpliceGalvanised#STR07T-719
307Soft EyeSoft EyeGalvanised#STR07S-719
307Thimble SpliceThimble SpliceBlack#STR07T-719B
307Soft EyeSoft EyeBlack#STR07S-719B