Turnbuckles, also known as Rigging Screws, Strainer Screws and Bottle Screws.

Available with an open body (Fed Spec) or closed body, both of which are suitable for weight loading. Choice of Eye and/or Jaw end fitting and available in a variety of lengths to meet fine adjustment requirements.

Commercial Strainer Screws are NOT suitable for lifting but are used for bracing and have a choice of eye and/or hook end fitting.

Rigging Screws – Closed

Thread dia a (mm)Body Length b (mm)Length Closed c (mm)Length Open d (mm)Pin Dia e (mm)Inside Length f (mm)Jaw Opening g (mm)Jaw Width h (mm)Inside Eye Length j (mm)Inside Eye Width k (mm)WLL (t)Product CodeQuantity

Rigging Screws – Open

Nominal Size (Inches)WLL (tons)Length Closed b (mm)Length Open c (mm)Opening Jaw d (mm)Inside Jaw Length e (mm)Dia Jaw Pin f (mm)Thickness Jaw g (mm)Dia Eye i (mm)Inside Eye Width j (mm)Inside Eye Length k (mm)Product CodeQuantity
3/8 x 60.5430245413228891328#RIG 3806-*
1/2 x 61.033849016269.510121836#RIG 1206-*
1/2 x 91.041464216269.510121836#RIG 1209-*
1/2 x 121.049079516269.510121836#RIG 1212-*
5/8 x 61.5939454618331313142143#RIG 5806-*
5/8 x 91.5947069818331313142143#RIG 5809-*
5/8 x 121.5954685118331313142143#RIG 5812-*
3/4 x 62.3643258423381616172553#RIG 3406-*
3/4 x 92.3650873623381616172553#RIG 3409-*
3/4 x 122.3658488923381616172553#RIG 3412-*
1 x 64.5452467630522020223674#RIG 0106-*
1 x 124.5467698130522020223674#RIG 0112-*