Safety Bonds – Non Certified

Safety Bonds are used as a secondary safety device for the use with lanterns, lights and speakers to take the load should the primary suspension fail. Safety Bonds should be manufactured to EN60598-2-17 which states that all safety bonds should take the given load falling 30 times over a distance of 300mm. Manufactured to individual requirements in black or natural finish and labelled with Working Load Limit (WLL) and name as required. If subjected to a shock load non certified bonds must be immediately withdrawn from service and destroyed.

Safety Bonds

Working load limit (Kgs)Rope Diameter (mm)Hook TypeColourProduct CodeQuantity
525x50 carbineBlack#Bond 05B
525x50 carbineGalvanised#05
1038x80 carbineBlack#Bond 10B
1038x80 carbineGalvanised#Bond 10
1538x80 screwgate carbineBlack#Bond 15B
1538x80 screwgate carbineGalvanised#Bond 15
3548x80 screwgate carbineBlack#Bond35B

Accessory Bonds

Rope Diameter (mm)Hook TypeProduct CodeQuantity
2Spring clipSKU not available.
2Split RingSKU not available.