July 2016 – ABTT Theatre Show 2016 Highly Commended Award for Tiger Lifting Chain Block System

The ABTT Theatre Show, first staged in 1978, offers an exhibition, forums, workshops and product demonstrations with an opportunity for Discussion, Discovery and Development. Rope Assemblies was entered for our Tiger Lifting Chain Block system for the “Engineering Product of the Year” category which we attained a “Highly Commended” award. We are proud to be part of the organisation and its events around the UK.

Unlike other exhibitions, the purpose is to raise money to fund the work of the registered charity, The Association of British Theatre Technicians. The ABTT is the membership organisation upholding standards in technical excellence and safety for theatre and live performance. It seeks to continuously advance technical expertise in theatre and live performance and work with its membership to develop and promote best practice in all relevant crafts and disciplines. Exhibitors are effectively investing in their own industry. It works for those who are building or equipping a venue, it works for those who put on shows, it works for suppliers promoting their products and it works for students looking for a career in the industry.